Safety Grounder Cable takes over protection during maintenance and repair activities. Utilization is for grounding current leading design parts in high current stations of energy supply companies and the current track for railways.
Application is also recommended for grounders and potential balancers on machine equipment and EDP installations because of unusual flexibility in controversy with big cross section.
This quality is depending on our high flexible Cu- Braid especially. The grounding rope ESUY has a layer of copper wires on the braid, thus forming a high durability e.g. for application in railway equipment.
Our Safety- Grounders are made deriving and complying with VDE definitions 0682/0683 as well as with DIN standards 46438/46440.

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Braid Cross Section mm² Braid Design Cable Diameter mm Cu Content kg/1000 m Max. Current Ampere Part Nummer order request
16 4200 x 0,07 9 177 95 3560016 Request
25 3192 x 0,1 12 275 125 3560025 Request
35 4480 x 0,1 13 387 155 3560035 Request
50 6383 x 0,1 15 560 195 3560050 Request
70 8918 x 0,1 17 791 245 3560070 Request
95 12100 x 0,1 20 1069 290 3560095 Request

Cross Sections from 120mm² until 240 mm² per your request



Fine wired braid pure copper, high flexible and second layer twisted with pure Cu wires, insulation with transparent PVC plastic.
Bending radius for a maximum of 12x cable diameter.

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