Highly flexible flat strands / braided aluminum hoses

Key Facts

  • Cross section

    35 mm² - 50 mm²

  • Strand-Ø

    0,3 mm

  • Surface


  • Norm

  • Packaging

    by meter or ready-assembled


The aluminum braided hoses produced on braiding machines are turned into the actual flat strand through a rolling process. This manufacturing process enables extremely high flexibility and high packing density even with tight bending radii.

ampac aluminum flat strands and braided hoses are particularly suitable as end products (earthing strap / ground strap) in the area of lightning protection on buildings and facades.

We deliver these products either by the meter on disposable spools or in coils. Of course, we manufacture tailor-made end products in our factory at your request.

Technical Data

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Cross Section mm² Wire
Architecture Measures Width x Thickness mm Weight x kg per 100 m Part No. order request
35 0.3 36 x 14 25 x 3 10 1530350 Request
50 0.3 36 x 30 30 x 3,5 15 1530500 Request
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