ampac´s "Milestones"

1989 / '90:

  • Foundation with 3 employees
  • Initially only one production site in Düsseldorf
  • Opening of the first production plant in Remscheid

until 2010:

  • Relocation to new premises in Remscheid
  • Expansion of capacities through commissioning of additional CNC machining centers

until 2000:

  • Commissioning of the first CNC milling and turning machines
  • Upgrade of the own construction to 3D-CAD
  • Expansion of the operative business beyond the German-speaking borders

until today:

  • Consolidation of all production facilities into the company's own premises in Remscheid
  • Expansion of production facilities in the area of process automationExpansion of the operative business to more than 50 countries worldwide
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