Connecting cable, Mass cable and grounder cable

Key Facts

  • Cross section

    10 mm² - 120 mm²

  • Material

    Copper (E-Cu)
    Stainless steel (V4A 1.4404 / 1.4571)

  • Surface


  • Norm

    VG 88711-1

Mass Bands 2.5 mm² to 300 mm²

Grounding cables are made of bare or tinned highly flexible E-Cu round cables. They are provided with pressed-on cable lugs on both sides.

On your request we deliver these products with:

  • commercially available tubular cable lugs
  • crimp cable lugs according to DIN 46235
  • crimp cable lugs according to DIN 46234
  • angled cable lugs.

We also supply grounding cables with insulating sleeves made of PVC, glass silk, silicone, etc. on your request.

Please specify the desired connection holes and the length center - center hole when ordering.

Connecting Cable, Mass Cable and Grounder Cable

We assemble from Standard Cable with pressed on Hose Terminals trade usual. Also Terminals complying with DIN 46234 or DIN 46235 are available.

Cable ending areas are insulated with rubber- or shrink-hoses.

With your order we expect measures for connecting holes and length between center to center of drill.

Available standard Cross Sections:

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Typ 4
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