Contact systems for horizontal contacting


High-current carbon brushes consist of non-ferrous metal materials with graphite additives. They are manufactured from sintered plate semi-finished products by machining.
The corresponding holders, housings or fittings are made of brass or copper.

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High-Current Carbon-Brush- Contacts

High-Current Carbon-Brush-Contacts are serving for various applications as viable current- transferring device.
z. B.

  • Surface treatment of steel plates at calibration
  • Electrolytic coppering of deep-print cylinders
  • Tinning, Zink coating , chroming of axles and cylinders for different purposes
  • In automatic corrosion protection- and paint-line
  • Coating for metal foil processing

High-Current carbon brushes are made from non iron metal materials with carbon additives.
Processing includes sintering and mechanical treatment Holders, housing or armatures are made from brass or E-Cu.

We supply complete pre- assembled high-current contact-systems, developed and adjusted to customers requirements.

Using high-current carbon-brush-contacts forces to design largest possible contact area to avoid current losses (especially at low voltage) and also to secure a sufficient temperature interchange. To create a balanced pressure and current transfer we prefer by experience a design with multi brushes assembled to a console.

When possible we integrate cooling into the console.

Our standard carbon brushes allow a current of 30 to 35 A/ mm². Parallel application requires a reduction by 10 to 15%. Additionally the transfer speed of contacted cylinders or Cu-bands have to be recognized.

The slipping tracks have to be totally proper. Damages have to be grinded, grease films have to be eliminated with right fluids. Frequent checks and grinding of sliding areas (shift-operation) is mandatory necessary to keep a sufficient operation running without disturbances.

Standard application of Carbon-Brushes combined with telescope- support and Bronce springs.

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