994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

Round-Contacts / Barrel-Contacts

Round contacts made from brass for barrel lines / facilities

we are able to produce all required bolt diameters and bolt lengths with connecting threads suitable for every type of plant

Barrel contacts in V-shape made from brass

suitable for prism deposits (type 1) with screw-in bolt / standard thread M 24th.

The bolt length as requested between 50 mm and 120 mm.

E-Cu contact-swords

E-Cu contact-swords are often used with modifications of barrel units and product-carriers to allow an exchange of contact systems. The exact construction which is needed by customer is carried out by our construction department. E-Cu contact-swords are screwed and if desired additionally soldered.

Mating contacts

for prism deposits (angle according to your specifications)

Resilient bolt contact

The centrally mounted brass contact prism is complemented by two spring-mounted E-Cu contact plates which rub the contact surfaces on the round pin. The power connection connects directly on the prism and the contact plates by flexible cables.

Support arms (brass)

We provide support arms in standard or in special design with coplanar contact surfaces for refitting additional contacts.