994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

High-Current-Bolt-Contacts 1.000 up to 12.000 Ampere

One alternative to our Finger- and Plate-Contacts are Bolt-Contacts. A very robust brass casted skeleton is the basis. Current transfer to product rail follows via single spring seated Cu contact-bolts. In standard version the contact-bolts are silver plated and per customer request also available with a hard silver contact-plate soldered.

For a sufficient contact between bolts and casted skeleton a MC-contact-lamella made from silver plated Beryllium takes care. Maintenance and replacement is possible from outside the block without moving the block.

High-current bolt-contacts can be assembled direct to the rail. Additionally the design has up to 5.000 Ampere casted connection flags for current-bands as a standard.

Per your request the contacts can be manufactured without connection-flags. To keep final assembly easy, both halves are pre-assembled and adjusted to rail- thickness. For rail thickness above 10 mm we use a Cu distance block.


Bolt-contacts from 5.000 up to 12.000 A feature about 3 rows of bolts and are available on request.