994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

Air Cooled Cable / Ropes

For quick connection of movable current users, for easy assembly in edgy and cornered areas, avoiding a fixed installation of current solid guidance.

The cable is made from stranded high flexible and flexible pure E-Cu Ropes with cross sections up to 1000 mm².

Rectangeled terminals have been pressed on made from seamless E-Cu tubes contact efficient; Assembly holes can be drilled to requirements.

Due to different applications we offer different protecting hoses for insulation. There are:

Type 1

Cable and terminals pure E-Cu, no insulation.

Type 2

Cable with PVC hose from 1mm to 4mm wall thickness for temperatures up to 80°C, resistant against most acids and bases.

Type 3

Silicon cable insulation or Glas-Fibre and Aramid for temperatures until 250°C.

Type 4

Cable insulated with electro- industrial hoses, similar to water-cooled power cable.
A robust design with high insulation values yet limited flexibility, especially in short length cables.

Beside these four designs a combination of e.g. first PVC or Silicon and as a second layer Aramid hose for protection against mechanical damage.

Please, note that for the calculation of electrical efficiency (Ampere) that insulation as well as parallel circuits will decrease possible current.

Please, define the length of cable for any order.
Standard version does not include assembly holes.
Upon your request (also attached drawing) we complete the product with assembly holes.

Standard Sizes

* other wire diameters upon your request.

Standard Sizes

* other wire diameters upon your request.

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