994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021


Coaxial Cable 2x95 mm² Type SiCSi95 high flexible Silicon insulated, advised for up to 2 kH e.g. for puls-DCs
Resistance = 24,01 Ohm at 1 kHz
Inductivity = 132 nHz/m at 1 kHz
Capacity = 554 pF/m at 1 kHz
Process Current at 30°C environmental temperature with sufficient interchange to air:
I max. = 331 Ampere

High flexible ampac Special Cable with extreme thick wall insulation in Polyurethane.
Targeted for application in aggressive environment and temperatures up to 100°C. Not sensitive against mechanical damage. Available in diameters (incl. insulation) 19, 28, 30 and 32 mm.

tomitec-3-pur - from 50 mm² to 240 mm²

High flexible silicon insulated one core twisted Cable with cross section from 10 - 95 mm²

Typical areas of application:
Flexible current connection for welding robots or manual welding. For all kind of Heat Cutters or as high current connection cable in machine- transport equipment as a high flexible grounder rope or high current inspection cable.

For cable insulation we utilize a high quality transparent cross-linked 2 component Silicon Rubber. This extruded insulation is temperature resisting from – 50° C bis + 150° C.
Even multi hours stress with 250°C, limited time even with 300°C cannot change the quality in flexibility or break-tension.
One important detail in case of fire is the remaining function of electrical insulation in industrial premises through insulating cover of silicium ash. The applied Silicon are Halogen free (containing Chlorine < 4 ppm complying with DIN VDE 0472 Part 813).

Welding cable HO1N2-D (NSLFFöu)

Welding Cable NSLFFöu is a specialty for the duction of high current from welding equipment to welding tool.The cable is recommended for flexible application under rough conditions, conveyers and transport devices, tool machines, automotive and ship building for manual as well as automated line and point welders. The cable remains flexible even under impact of light, ozone, oxygen, inert welding gas and oil and is beside those details also durable against low and high temperatures and fire for the use outdoors and in dry and humid indoor areas.


Fine wire braid made from pure E-Cu wires Separating layer from Plastic foil or textile yarn, Coated with Polychloroprene (Neoprene)

Technical Data:

minimum bending radius:  12 x Leitungsdurchmesser
test voltage:2000 V
temperature range: –25 °C bis +80 °C
Conductor resistance: nach VDE 0250
Voltage: 200 V Current (Ampere) max. in compliance to VDE 0100

Grounder Cable ESUY

Safety Grounder Cable takes over protection during maintenance and repair activities. Utilization is for grounding current leading design parts in high current stations of energy supply companies and the current track for railways.
Application is also recommended for grounders and potential balancers on machine equipment and EDP installations because of unusual flexibility in controversy with big cross section.
This quality is depending on our high flexible Cu- Braid especially. The grounding rope ESUY has a layer of copper wires on the braid, thus forming a high durability e.g. for application in railway equipment.
Our Safety- Grounders are made deriving and complying with VDE definitions 0682/0683 as well as with DIN standards 46438/46440.

Cross Sections from 120mm² until 240 mm² per your request



Fine wired braid pure copper, high flexible and second layer twisted with pure Cu wires, insulation with transparent PVC plastic.
Bending radius for a maximum of 12x cable diameter.