994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

Quick Clamp Head for Racks

For all applications and brands

ampac quick clamp heads are made in special bronce. ampac quick clamp heads connect racks anodes with product carriers in a safe manner.

ampac quick clamp heads can be positioned at the product carrier at any position. Together with the supplied clamp bow you receive a secure positioning.
They are right or left clamping.
The pressure bolt is in stainless steel and is also equipped as a standard with a pressure round also in stainless steel.
Variants can be supplied in steel or glas fibre enforced plastic per your request.

Standard clamp range is 40 mm. Other sizes are possible.

The locking mechanic of these clamps avoids any unforced opening or falling of racks during incorporation of product carriers, with strong swim force or through steady motion in tab.

The rack is as usual hung into the holder with rack head and is with the lever by turning the handy clamp cylinder contact secure clamped.
The take out of the racks is adequate simple.

Part No. 5920010

Lockable "Swallow-Tail" Rack Clamp

For rack heads 1.000 until 1.200 Ampere

Rack Heads and Rack Holder

Rack Heads 500 A

Universal Head
Best.-Nr. 5900502

Universal Head with Flag Length of 70 mm
Part No. 5900501

Universal Head with Flag Length 165 mm
Part No. 5900503

Rack Head 1200 A

Universal Head
Part No. 5901202

Universal Head with Flag Length of 70 mm
Part No. 5901201

Universal Head with drill Ø 16 mm for soldering
Part No. 5901203

Rack Holder

Universal Block Cu
Part No. 6110000

free movable product clamp
until 20 mm, with VA-Bolt M10x30
500 A     Part No. 6100500
1200 A   Part No. 6101200