584,84 EUR / 100 kg
status: 28.05.2020

Pneumatic High-Current Contacts

System ampac in Standard-Design for 1.500 up to 15.000 Ampere

ampac-Standard-Contact-System for
fully automatic and manual operated equipment with product rail up to 
200 mm height.

Operating pressure at 6 bar.

  • With one side* / both sides movable contacts
  • With replaceable wearing-off contact-plates
  • At both sides movable contact angles;
    the power connection is made via current bands or connecting current cable. (please see accessory/ Connecting cable for pneumatic contacts) Kontakte)
  • Optional cooling of contact plates
  • Supply with pressure control and temperature sensors

 ** At these current sizes in Ampere the cooling in the contacts has to be utilized to avoid overheating.
Reasons for overheating are dirty contacts, asymmetric distribution from balancer or to small dimensions at designed connecting rail.