994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

Pneumatic High-Current Contact

System ampac in Standard-Design for 10.000 up to 20.000 Ampere

ampac High-Current Contact-System in Standard-Design for full automatic and manual operated equipment with product carriers above 200 mm height and optional cooling of contact cheeks.

  • With both sides movable contact cheeks and replaceable wearing-off contact plates.

  • Ready preassembled onto console with insulating plate.

  • Current connected with connection cable (please, see Connection Cable for pneumatic High-Current Contacts).

  • Supply with pressure control and temperature sensors.

* at these high currents the incorporated cooling in the contact-plates has to be activated ti avoid overheating. (e.g. by dirty contacs, asymmetry in supply from valancer)