994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

Pneumatic High-Current-Contact Systems

Technical progress defines new requirements for updated electrolytic metallic surface improvement, for plating or anodizing as well.
Better electrolytes require higher current and shorter process times.

Requirements for better equipment are mandatory. Rare maintenance frequencies improve efficiencies. Repairs have to be processed in shortest time.

ampac-Pneumatic Contacts fulfill these requirements

ampac Pneumatic-Contacts operate with a process pressure of 4 bar up to 6 bar.
Pressure control devices are standard for Contacts from 4.000A up. We recommend application of Filter-Controllers. (Please see Accessory)

Contacts do not need any special maintenance.
We recommend cleaning with a soft wire brush once a week. To liquidate Oxide-Layers please use our FCKW-free Sprays. (Please, see Accessories) The use of Contact-Grease for Pneumatic- Contacts is not recommended.