994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

High-Current Sled-Contacts

This kind of robust contact system is since many years in different equipment the efficient application. Function is simple with very low maintenance.

During drive down of product guidance a sled inside the contact follows the move and creates together with weight of the product carrier a power- full locked contact. When pulling the product carrier out of the contact an electrical insulated spring pulls the sled back into starting position.

Opposite to self-clamping Finger-,Bolt or Plate-Contacts, Sled-Contacts have no self-cleaning a regular cleaning of contacts and product carriers is frequently required.

We supply contacts ready assembled onto an E-Cu base plate or onto an E-Cu connecting angle.

Base plates can be designed due to customer’s requirements. To protect sled guidance against dust and dirt additional covers in stainless steel are available for subsequently assembly.

  • Price valuable with simple function
  • With improved sled-guidance
  • Avoids glowing of pull-back spring
  • Compatible with other contact systems
  • Ready pre-assembled on Cu-base plates or Cu-connecting angles
  • Against extreme dirt stainless steel covers can be subsequently installed

High-Current Sled-Contacts 250 up to 4.000 Ampere

Connecting rail angled

Connecting rail straight