994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

High quality contact-systems with single assembled, spring seated contact-fingers. Technically experienced design with easy maintenance and assembly. The blocks can be directly, without current-bands, installed to current rails.

For currents up to 3.000 Ampere we supply standard contact-systems in one part assembled for product rails 20 mm thickness. Stronger rails and currents from 4.000 Ampere, contacts are supplied in two parts.

Important: Please, inform of dimensions of your product rail with your order!

As an efficient addition against mechanical damage at drive-in and protection against electrolyte splashes we recommend our stainless steel housing with integrated directions. .

High-Current Finger-Contacts

for 150 up to 12.000 Ampere Standard Design

10 15 20 reset
30 -   60 60 - 120 100 - 120 200 reset

For more details please choose a filter.

 *  product-guidance thickness 10 mm


For light assembly on tabs we supply our contacts ready pre-assembled onto complete bases (E-Cu connecting angles, ISO-Plates, ISO-Tubes etc.) for an additional fee.

When necessary we offer you a complete assembly with our trained personnel. Please, ask for offer.