669,95 EUR / 100 kg
status: 25.03.2019

High-Current Anode-Contacts

in compact design

for finger contact 500 up to 1.500 ampere

Standard design with Stainless Steel housing for tied space condition at tab-border

for bolt contacts up to 700 ampere

Anode-Contacts 700 Ampere,
both sides spanning
   Part No. 8323501

Anode-Contacts 700 Ampere,
One side spanning
   Part No. 8333501


350 up to 700 Ampere

A very compact and robust contact-system wit spring seated contact-bolts on basis of highly experienced MC Lamella-Contacts. Even at tied space conditions you can transfer in a safe manner together with this system high current to current rails.
Contact bolts are made from E-Cu and are for minimizing transfer resistance on surface silver plated. We offer single components as well as complete units.