584,84 EUR / 100 kg
status: 28.05.2020

Flexible Cu – Foil – Bands

These bands are utilized as electrical connection between current guidance and transformer or balancer or as a flexible and current transferring element at welding guns.
Foil – Bands compensate heat expansion and protect electrical equipment against vibration while balancing the process.

Bands will be presented depending on application as press-riveted, press-welded or inert gas welded version made from SE-Cu-Foil in 0.1mm until 0.4 mm thickness. Beside our standard sizes we supply any specialty upon request.

We supply standards without assembly holes.
Per your request and for a small fee we can complete the product for your application.

Flexible Expansion Bands in Copper

with Press-Welded Heads

Expansion Bands are made from 0.2 mm SE-Cu-Plates. The ends are changed into solid Heads through press welding which allows sawing and drilling with no handicap. Calculation of current eff. Follows DIN 43671(solid current guidance in Cu).

Expansion Bands are supplied with drilled flags per your definition and request, e.g. in compliance with DIN 43673 or DIN 46206 (see techn. data in appendix).
Drilling can also be processed by customer.

Standard Sizes

140 190 240 290 340 380 390 480 570 580 720 760 780 870 960 980 1160 1170 1470 1560 1960 reset

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