994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

One phase High-Current-Round-Connector, non insulated

for current up to 6.000 Ampere

The one phase push-to-seat incorporates our experienced MC-Contact-grips. They are our preference for cable kludges, inbuilt plug and cable pin for devices or as well as current supply connection for push-to-seat technology, to mention some examples for possible application.

Valuable materials in connection with special surface treatments and precise processing secure minimum transfer resistances at high current.

For safety against unlocking without purpose we supply some variants of plugs from 6mm until 14 mm with a push-pull locking system.

We supply this extra per your request.

Beside standard sizes we supply special connectors due to customer inquiries in almost all possible sizes and dimensions.

One phase connectors do not allow "push-pull" under applied current.

Before first utilization all sliding parts (plug and wind) has to be greased. We have the right lubrication available for you.

Technical Information:

Push-Pull Forces: Presented forces are forces after 20- times to 30-times utilization and light greasing. Brand new products show higher forces.

Related Current: (DIN VDE 0627) is the current a connecter can lead (non intermittent) without exceeding temperature limit. Presented data are for DC and AC until 50 Hz.

Contact Resistance: Resistance at area of contact. Size is calculated through measured voltage decrease at related current.

Application: Your attention is welcome for following issues:
While push to seat and pull to unlock cross forces have to be avoided.
Connectors with cable have to be long enough to avoid pull force during installation.
When multi phase installation is defined, one side has to be "swimming" assembled to compensate manufacturing tolerances.

More information upon your request.

Plugs with wind, no locking system, Type B

These plugs offer together with the male part as wind or press assembly easiest handling. We recommend wind assembly to terminal, current guidance or contact block.
Also assembly onto insulated housing is preferred.
When necessary we supply press contact to subsequently change the wind one.

Technical Data

Bolt tubes with outside wind, Type BAG

For direct assembly into current guidance, contact block, collective guidance or housing. In connection with our plugs with wind or press assembly without locking system, safe contacts can be established in a quick manner. Bolt tubes are designed with tool gaps for the use of appropriate tooling.

Because of the outside wind bolt tubes have to be screwed against solid limit or fixed with two nuts and washers to current- guidance.

Per your request we supply adequate nuts and washers. We note light greasing before utilization mandatorily.

Technical Data

Connecting plugs (male) without locking, wind

to contact plugs (female) with adequate diameter.

Plug with wind, Type SG
For simple connection to terminal, current guidance etc.

Technical Data

Connecting plugs (male) without locking, press process

to contact plugs (female) with adequate diameter.

Plug with press connection for flexible cable, Type SP
Because of high variances in possible cables, we ask you to agree and to confirm the adequate press- tooling with us. Also soldering into the plug is possible.


Technical Data