994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

Resistance table safety immersion heaters

*) In pure sulfuric acid H2SO4 to z 40 ° C, the concentration range 0-98%
    In pure PhosphorsäureH3 PO4 concentration in the range 0-85%
    In reienr hydrochloric acid HCl in the concentration range 1-2%

-   Do not use

  usable and / or limited use


Ø usable, highly recommended

usable, these baths provide strong rigidities (1) dip tube sheath to prevent distortion and / or loss of Badwärmers, is 1.5 watts / cm 2 surface loading of stem sheath not be exceeded, so use the largest dip tube sheath Ø and low heat output.