994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

Switch units are built in a robust steel ( or stainless steel ) frame. The function is created by gear drives. Depending on space and line architectural conditions, switches can be installed to floor, wall or ceiling.
We supply switches in three different Types:

I.)  Switch unit with drive with open and close devices for integration into an existing control system.

II.) witch unit like 1 yet with additional sensor control, supplied in a separate housing. Also possible for utilization as a remote control.

III.) As full automatic switch unit with time-relays, which can be adjusted anode / cathode for the range of 2 until 100 sec.

Other control ranges are possible

Switch with Manual Lever until 10.000 Ampere

For under “no current” switching to Separate, Switch or Switch Pole

Reversing switch 2-pole

2-pole Switch

Flat switch

On request we can provide you a drawing with the installation dimensions and dimensions as a fax or as a pdf-file available.