994,93 EUR / 100 kg
status: 14.10.2021

High Quality Contact and Lubrication Grease for non iron metals

1 kg can


Electro-Contact-Grease with standard temperature range from –50 until +180°C based upon synthetic oil base, with non organic thicker, with additives against oxidation and copper corrosion, neutral for plastic non adhesive to dust.

Part No. 5700201


Electro-Contact- Grease, white-transparent, temperature range –30 until +160°C, based upon non organic thickened carbon-hydrate-oil with additives especially for electric push-, contact and switch-components and silver and gold plated parts.
Eliminates blind current.
Dropping point at +230 °C.

Part No. 5700211


Copper color, pasty grease based upon synthetic oil with non organic thicker with metal pigments and synergetic additives against using off, oxidation and corrosion..

Character: For temperatures from –35 until +450 °C
Protects against corrosion, burn in Adhesive and water proof,
Constant lubrication specs.

Part No. 5700220

Contact-Service and Cleaning Sprays

TUNAP - 375 (200 ml)

Cleans and protects contacts long durable. Eliminates Oxide and Sulfide Layers. Eliminates high transfer resistance, protects insulators.

Part No. 5902030

TUNPRO S (400 ml)

Fully synthetic rust remover with best lubrication and corrosive protection.

Part No. 5902031

TUNFLUID H (400 ml)

Transparent and extreme adhesive oil against corrosion.

Part No. 5902032