645,27 EUR / 100 kg
status: 21.09

High-Current Plate-Contacts for 1.500 up to 8.000 Ampere

Optimal Current Transfer

High process frequencies, higher product volumes and related higher current require high quality contacts in Electrolytic- and Eloxal-Equipment.

ampac-P-System fulfills these requirements. Single seated contact blades offer optimal current transfer to product guidance.

New Standards

The ampac-P-System creates new standards.
A mechanical robust design is resisting hardest process stress through heavy and heaviest product carriers.

Protected by Plastic Coat

ampac-P-System is available complete protected with a plastic coat against chemical media. That means protection all around.

Advantage through ampac-P-System

ampac-P-System fits everywhere and is ready for installation.
Additional base construction and connecting flags are not required.

ampac-P-Contacts are supplied ready pre-assembled on E-Cu base plates, pre-adjusted to product rail.

Contacts can be directly assembled to guidance or connected to rail with connecting angle.

We like to support and consult you for the right solution.

Per your inquiry we assemble with our specialists.

Any application can receive our complete solution.

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Contact Insulated

Contact Insulated

1500 2000 2500 3500 4000 6000 8000 reset
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